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About the SNU

MISSION STATEMENT: To promote the religion and religious philosophy of Spiritualism as based on the 7 Principles.

The Spiritualists' National Union [SNU] has 400 Affiliated Churches and Bodies. Together with our Ministers of Religion based throughout the world, we are here to serve the community.

SPIRITUALISM: Removes the fear of death.
SPIRITUALISM: Comforts the bereaved.
SPIRITUALISM: Demonstrates the Truth of survival and

SPIRITUALISM: Provides healing to the sick and hope to the

SPIRITUALISM: Reveals a new meaning and purpose to life.

SPIRITUALISM teaches Personal Responsibility:
That Man is a spiritual being here & now, in a physical body. That death is not the end of life, but just a change of condition. That what Man sows on Earth, he reaps in this life and in the life to come.
A Science, Philosophy and Religion of Continuous Life based on the demonstrated facts of Communication.

The Spiritualists' National Union is the largest Spiritualist
organisation in the world. Membership is available to
individual Spiritualists along with Churches & Societies.
Call for an information pack on 0845 4580 768, visit our website or
Email us at

The Structure of the Spiritualists' National Union:

The Spiritualists' National Union [SNU] is a legally recognised Religious Organisation. It promotes the Teachings of
Spiritualism in its three-fold aspect as
1. A Science
                                        2. A Philosophy
                                                                                  3. A Religion

The SNU was formed in an attempt to consolidate and unite the various Churches, Societies and groups into a single Religious Organisation.
It is made up of individual members, or shareholders, called Individual Members, and also group members, e.g. Churches and Societies.
The Churches are represented byChurch Representatives at all SNU conferences.

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